Traditional ground rents

Ground rent investment is a niche business. Older and more traditional ground rents are a niche within a niche. Eroded by inflation and unprofitable to manage professionally without economies of scale, they are still subjected to the same statutory framework as a ground rent created in the modern day. Problems with title are common. Deeds are lost. These ground rents present challenges that we are uniquely placed to meet. Our portfolio includes ground rents created from 1620 to the present day. We are the largest buyers of ground rents created prior to the 1970s operating in the UK today and we are the foremost specialists in the field of title reconstruction for ground rent assets.

We have acquired portfolios from some of the oldest estates in the UK as well as dealing with charities, land agents, solicitors, builders and liquidators. Equally, we have acquired single ground rents from individuals and assets out of probate to facilitate house sales or to enable executors to close their files. We are proud to have assisted numerous firms of agents and solicitors manage down unsustainable legacy ground rent agency businesses ensuring the best results for their clients. No portfolio is too large or too small.

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