Ground Rents

Ground Rents

Why Ground Rents?

Morgoed Estates is one of largest owners of ground rents in the UK with a portfolio covering some 50,000 properties.

Classically, a ground rent is a sum charged for the right to occupy and use land owned by the landlord or lessor. The tenant or lessee occupies the land on the terms of a lease which is usually for a set term of years at a nominal fixed or rising rent. Ground rents come in all shapes and sizes from a peppercorn rent covering a single house to commercial ground rents covering large areas at rents of many tens of thousands of pounds per annum. The term is also often used to include rentcharges which are a subject all of their own.

Whether you are selling a ground rent portfolio, live in one of our properties or are a professional dealing with one, hopefully you will find the information you need here.

The Morgoed Estates offer

As one of the most active buyers of ground rent portfolios in the country, we acquire all types of ground rent portfolio. If you have a portfolio to sell, see how we can help you.

Buying Your Ground Rent

There are many reasons why you might pay ground rent on your property. For all of our customers, we endeavour to make it easy to buy your ground rent out. Here you will find information about buying out a freehold ground rent on a house, redeeming a rentcharge or extending a lease on a flat.

We Buy

Portfolios of ground rents and rentcharges from £1 to £20 million.

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We Sell

We make it easy to buy your ground rent or rent charge. Learn how here

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Living in a property subject to a ground rent

Most of our customers will pay a ground rent once or twice a year and you should find all the information you need on your latest invoice.

From time to time you may have other questions. Your property may be subject to covenants limiting the use of the property. There may also be specific requirements that you need to comply with on sale. Our FAQ section will endeavour to answer some of these for you.

For conveyancers, solicitors and other legal professionals, we have created a section to allow you to request the information you need.


Make A Payment

Pay your ground rent or buy it out here

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Solicitor's Guide

Download and read our Solicitor's guide here

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Have a Question? Visit our FAQ's page and find out all you need to know

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