About Us

About Us

Morgoed Estates is a family-owned investment company based in Shropshire.


Morgoed Estates is the trading name for land and investments held by the Roberts family. We have been investing in property for the long-term for over 40 years. Approaching property with a legal background, our focus has always been on investing in challenging assets, too complex or too illiquid for others to consider.

Morgoed Estates is the custodian of one of the UK’s largest portfolios of ground rents and rentcharges. Assembled over 30 years from, it now covers in excess of 50,000 properties. We have acquired portfolios from all sources: landed estates, builders, charities, receivers, solicitors, agents  and investment companies. Most important of all are the hundreds of private individuals who have trusted us to buy their ground rent portfolios over the years.

Alongside ground rents, we hold interests in commercial property, homes, forestry, green energy and aquaculture. From our South Shropshire base we also operate one of the largest farming businesses in the area. This website may give you a flavour of some of these businesses, but if you wish to know more, please contact us

Have A Question?

If you are unsure as to your legal position when receiving one of our rent demands or would like to know more about practical details or the law pertaining to ground rents or rent charges, we deal with some of the most common queries in FAQ's.