Buy out your ground rent

Buy out your ground rent

Why buy?

Buying the ground rent that affects your property is one of the best investments that you will make. It takes your leasehold interest and converts it into a freehold one. You will own the “fee simple in possession”, the best form of title available in English law. You will have the satisfaction that your home is fully your own. There will be no more rent to pay and if you are looking to sell your property, there is no question that it will make it a more attractive proposition for any purchaser.

A copy of our current freehold purchase brochure can be found here. Freehold Sales Brochure

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The Morgoed Estates offer

We offer all our freehold ground rents at a fixed cost price plus Land Registry fees (usually around £45.00). Payment can be made via this website, by telephone or through by cheque or postal order. We are also able to offer an easy payment plan that allows the purchase price to be spread for up to a year without charge. Please contact us for details.

If you are paying by telephone, we will take all the details we need to effect the transaction (e.g. full names, contact address, etc) . If you are paying through the website or by post, we will contact you to request this information.

The majority of buyers pay the Land Registry fee to us either on or after purchase and we register the freehold via the Land Registry’s Portal service, usually on the same day of payment. This has the advantage of speed and and you will receive an official Land Registry Submission Receipt. Once completed, official copies of the new title in your name will be sent to you by post and email (if address supplied).

If you wish to pay the Land Registry direct, we will send you all the pre-completed forms you need to submit the registration application yourself. The Land Registry will then forward the official copies to you once the application is completed.